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Waylon Wilson
Waylon Wilson

Anti Deep Freeze 6.61.020l

In this post, we will show you how to remove deep freeze password and uninstall it without using any third-party Deep Freeze password remover.Before you attempt to remove password of Deep Freeze, you have to know what you'll need:

Anti Deep Freeze 6.61.020l

3. When your pc completes rebooting you should see an X sign on deep freeze icon on system tray and that indicates that deep freeze is disabled, then you should have the installation file of deep freeze DFStd.exe file that you got when you first download deep freeze if not you can download from here, click on it and click on Uninstall and then your pc will restart and you will not have deep freeze installed anymore.

1. Restart your computer and then click BIOS setup button often that key is something like F2, F10 or DEL and there change the time in BIOS for about 10 years ahead or behind the current one, deep freeze will think that the machine is not running anymore.


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