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12 mujeres extraordinarias john macarthur pdf 115: Cómo aprender de la fe y el ejemplo de las mujeres bíblicas

12 mujeres extraordinarias john macarthur pdf 115: A Review

If you are looking for a book that will inspire you to grow in your faith and learn from the examples of twelve extraordinary women in the Bible, then you might want to check out 12 mujeres extraordinarias john macarthur pdf 115. This is a Spanish edition of Twelve Extraordinary Women, a best-selling book by John MacArthur, a renowned pastor and author. In this article, we will review this book and see what it has to offer to Christian women today.



Before we dive into the content of the book, let us first get to know the author and his purpose for writing it.

Who is John MacArthur?

John MacArthur is a well-known preacher, teacher, and writer who has been serving as the pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, since 1969. He is also the president of The Master's University and Seminary, and the founder and featured teacher of Grace to You, a radio and online ministry that reaches millions of people around the world. He has written over 150 books, including commentaries, study Bibles, and Christian classics. Some of his most popular books are The Gospel According to Jesus, The MacArthur Study Bible, and The MacArthur New Testament Commentary Series.

What is the book about?

12 mujeres extraordinarias john macarthur pdf 115 is a book that explores the lives and faith of twelve women in the Bible who played a significant role in God's redemptive plan. These women are Eve, Sarah, Rahab, Ruth, Hannah, Mary, Anna, the Samaritan woman, Martha and Mary, Mary Magdalene, and Lydia. MacArthur shows how God shaped these women by His grace and used them for His glory. He also draws practical lessons and applications from their stories that can help modern Christian women to follow their example.

Why should you read it?

You should read this book if you want to:

  • Learn more about the biblical characters and their historical and cultural context.

  • Discover how God works in and through ordinary women who trust Him.

  • Be encouraged by the testimonies of God's faithfulness and grace in different situations.

  • Be challenged by the biblical standards of godliness and obedience.

  • Be motivated to pursue a deeper relationship with God and serve Him with your gifts.

Summary of the book

In this section, we will briefly summarize each chapter of the book and highlight some of the main points that MacArthur makes.

Eva: Mother of all living

Eve was the first woman and the mother of all living. She was created by God from Adam's rib to be his helper and companion. She was also the first to sin and to experience the consequences of disobedience. MacArthur points out that Eve's story teaches us about the origin and nature of humanity, the role and responsibility of women, the strategy and deception of Satan, the grace and judgment of God, and the promise and hope of redemption.

Sara: Waiting against all hope

Sarah was the wife of Abraham and the mother of Isaac. She was a beautiful and faithful woman who followed her husband in his journey of faith. She was also a barren woman who waited for God's promise of a son for many years. MacArthur shows how Sarah's story illustrates the power and sovereignty of God, the patience and perseverance of faith, the weakness and failure of human nature, and the blessing and reward of obedience.

Rahab: A horrible life redeemed

Rahab was a prostitute and a pagan who lived in Jericho. She was a unlikely heroine who hid the spies sent by Joshua and helped them escape. She was also a woman of faith who believed in the true God and joined His people. MacArthur explains how Rahab's story demonstrates the mercy and grace of God, the repentance and conversion of sinners, the courage and wisdom of believers, and the inclusion and lineage of Gentiles.

Rut: Loyalty and love

Ruth was a Moabite widow who left her homeland and followed her mother-in-law Naomi to Bethlehem. She was a loyal and loving daughter-in-law who worked hard to provide for Naomi. She was also a virtuous and humble woman who caught the eye of Boaz, her kinsman-redeemer. MacArthur reveals how Ruth's story depicts the providence and care of God, the loyalty and love of family, the dignity and beauty of women, and the romance and marriage of godly people.

Ana: Portrait of feminine grace

Hannah was the wife of Elkanah and the mother of Samuel. She was a godly and prayerful woman who suffered from infertility and ridicule. She was also a devoted and grateful woman who dedicated her son to God's service. MacArthur describes how Hannah's story portrays the sovereignty and goodness of God, the faithfulness and prayerfulness of women, the joy and sacrifice of motherhood, and the calling and anointing of leaders.

María: Blessed among all women

Mary was the mother of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. She was a young and humble virgin who accepted God's will for her life. She was also a blessed and honored woman who witnessed God's miracles in her son's life. MacArthur clarifies how Mary's story reveals the incarnation and mission of Christ, the submission and obedience of women, the wonder and worship of believers, and the role and reverence of Mary.

Ana: A faithful witness

Anna was a prophetess and a widow who lived in the temple. She was an old and devout woman who fasted and prayed day and night. She was also a joyful and hopeful woman who recognized Jesus as the Messiah when he was presented in the temple. MacArthur tells how Anna's story displays the presence and power of God, the devotion and service of women, the anticipation and fulfillment of prophecy, and the proclamation and testimony of Christ.

The Samaritan woman: Meeting the living water

The Samaritan woman was an outcast and a sinner who met Jesus at a well. She was a lonely and thirsty woman who had five husbands and lived with another man. She was also a surprised and transformed woman who received Jesus as her Savior and became his witness. MacArthur recounts how the Samaritan woman's story shows the love and grace of Christ, the need and satisfaction of salvation, the barrier and unity of ethnicity, and the mission and responsibility of evangelism.

Martha and Mary: Work and worship

Martha and Mary were sisters who hosted Jesus in their home. They were both faithful and hospitable women who loved Jesus. They were also different and complementary women who expressed their love in different ways. Martha was busy with serving, while Mary was attentive to listening. MacArthur compares how Martha and Mary's story teaches us about the balance and priority of work and worship, the diversity and harmony of gifts and personalities, the correction and affirmation of Jesus, and Mary Magdalene: Liberation from darkness

Mary Magdalene was a woman who had seven demons cast out of her by Jesus. She was a tormented and oppressed woman who lived in darkness and despair. She was also a liberated and grateful woman who followed Jesus and supported his ministry. MacArthur narrates how Mary Magdalene's story illustrates the power and authority of Jesus, the freedom and joy of deliverance, the loyalty and devotion of discipleship, and the privilege and honor of witnessing the resurrection.

Lidia: A hospitable heart

Lidia was a businesswoman and a convert who lived in Philippi. She was a wealthy and influential woman who sold purple cloth. She was also a godly and generous woman who opened her heart and her home to Paul and his companions. MacArthur comments how Lidia's story exemplifies the sovereignty and grace of God, the faith and obedience of conversion, the hospitality and generosity of fellowship, and the impact and influence of women.

Analysis of the book

In this section, we will evaluate the book and see what are its strengths and weaknesses, as well as what we can learn from it.

Strengths of the book

Some of the strengths of the book are:

  • It is biblical and faithful to the text and context of Scripture.

  • It is engaging and easy to read, with clear language and vivid illustrations.

  • It is insightful and edifying, with sound doctrine and practical application.

  • It is inspiring and challenging, with compelling stories and relevant lessons.

Weaknesses of the book

Some of the weaknesses of the book are:

  • It is selective and limited in its scope, covering only twelve women out of many more in the Bible.

  • It is subjective and speculative in some parts, filling in some gaps with assumptions or opinions.

  • It is repetitive and redundant in some places, repeating some information or points unnecessarily.

  • It is conservative and traditional in its perspective, reflecting some cultural or denominational biases.

Lessons from the book

Some of the lessons from the book are:

  • God loves and values women as His image-bearers and His co-workers.

  • God uses ordinary women for extraordinary purposes in His plan.

  • God shapes women by His grace through their trials and triumphs.

  • God calls women to trust Him, obey Him, serve Him, and glorify Him.


12 mujeres extraordinarias john macarthur pdf 115 is a book that will enrich your understanding of God's Word and your appreciation of God's work in your life. It will also encourage you to follow the examples of these twelve extraordinary women who lived by faith and left a legacy for generations to come. Whether you are a woman or a man, you will benefit from reading this book and applying its lessons to your own life. You can download the pdf version of this book for free from here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions that people might have about this book:

  • Who is this book for?

This book is for anyone who wants to learn more about the Bible, especially about the women who played a vital role in God's redemptive history. It is also for anyone who wants to grow in their faith and be inspired by the examples of these women.

  • What is the main message of this book?

The main message of this book is that God uses ordinary women for extraordinary purposes in His plan. He shapes them by His grace through their trials and triumphs. He calls them to trust Him, obey Him, serve Him, and glorify Him.

  • How can I apply this book to my life?

You can apply this book to your life by studying the stories of these women carefully and prayerfully. You can also reflect on how their experiences and lessons relate to your own situation and challenges. You can also seek to imitate their faith and obedience in your daily walk with God.

  • What are some other books that are similar to this book?

Some other books that are similar to this book are Women of the Bible by Ann Spangler and Jean Syswerda, Women of Faith in the Old Testament by Tamara Cohn Eskenazi and Tikva Frymer-Kensky, and Women of Faith in the New Testament by Elizabeth Struthers Malbon and Sharon Ringe.

  • Where can I find more information about John MacArthur and his ministry?

You can find more information about John MacArthur and his ministry at his website Grace to You, where you can access his sermons, articles, books, podcasts, and other resources.



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