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Download Tekken 3 APK v1.2 (35 MB & 50 MB) and Unlock All Fighters

Tekken 3 APK Download 35: How to Play the Classic Arcade Fighting Game on Your Android Device

If you are a fan of arcade fighting games, you must have heard of Tekken 3. It is one of the most popular and successful games in the Tekken series, which has been around since 1994. Tekken 3 was released in 1997 for arcade machines, and later for PlayStation consoles. It has been praised for its graphics, gameplay, sound, and characters.

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But what if you want to play Tekken 3 on your Android device? Is it possible? Yes, it is, thanks to Tekken 3 APK. This is a modified version of the original game that allows you to download and install it on your smartphone or tablet. You can enjoy the same thrilling and addictive fighting experience as you did on the arcade or PlayStation.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Tekken 3 APK. We will explain what it is, how it works, how to download and install it, how to play it, and more. We will also answer some frequently asked questions about Tekken 3 APK. By the end of this article, you will be ready to play this classic game on your Android device.

What is Tekken 3?

The history and popularity of Tekken 3

Tekken 3 is a 3D arcade fighting game developed by Namco. It is the third installment in the Tekken series, which is one of the most successful and influential fighting game franchises in history. The series has sold over 50 million copies worldwide and has spawned many spin-offs, movies, comics, and merchandise.

Tekken 3 was first released in March 1997 for arcade machines in Japan. It was later ported to PlayStation consoles in March 1998 for Japan, April 1998 for North America, and September 1998 for Europe. It was also re-released for PlayStation Network in November 2006 for Japan, December 2006 for North America, and March 2007 for Europe.

Tekken 3 was a huge hit among critics and gamers alike. It received rave reviews for its graphics, gameplay, sound, and characters. It won many awards, such as the Best Fighting Game award from EGM, GameSpot, IGN, and Game Informer. It also topped many charts and lists, such as the best-selling PlayStation game of all time, the best PlayStation game ever by IGN, and the best fighting game ever by GameSpot.

The gameplay and features of Tekken 3

Tekken 3 is a fighting game that features two fighters battling each other in a variety of stages. The objective is to deplete the opponent's health bar or to knock them out of the ring. The game features a variety of modes, such as Arcade, Versus, Team Battle, Time Attack, Survival, Practice, and Tekken Force. The game also features a roster of 23 playable characters, each with their own unique fighting style, moves, and story.

Tekken 3 introduced many new features and improvements to the series. Some of them are:

- The game used a new graphics engine that enhanced the 3D animation and lighting effects. The game also reduced the loading times and increased the frame rate.

- The game added a new sidestep system that allowed the fighters to move in and out of the background. This added more depth and strategy to the combat.

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- The game introduced a new combo system that allowed the fighters to perform more fluid and dynamic attacks. The game also added more throws, counters, and special moves.

- The game featured a new story mode called Tekken Force, which was a beat 'em up style mode where the player had to fight through waves of enemies in different stages. The mode also had a boss fight at the end of each stage.

- The game featured many new characters, such as Jin Kazama, Ling Xiaoyu, Hwoarang, Eddy Gordo, Bryan Fury, and Ogre. The game also brought back some old characters, such as Paul Phoenix, Nina Williams, Lei Wulong, and Yoshimitsu.

What is Tekken 3 APK?

The benefits and drawbacks of Tekken 3 APK

Tekken 3 APK is a modified version of the original Tekken 3 game that allows you to download and install it on your Android device. It is not an official release by Namco, but a fan-made project that aims to bring the classic game to modern devices.

Tekken 3 APK has some benefits and drawbacks compared to the original game. Some of the benefits are:

- You can play Tekken 3 on your Android device without needing an arcade machine or a PlayStation console. You can enjoy the game anytime and anywhere you want.

- You can play Tekken 3 with better graphics and sound quality than the original game. You can also adjust the settings according to your preference and device performance.

- You can play Tekken 3 with all the characters and modes unlocked from the start. You don't have to complete any challenges or requirements to access them.

Some of the drawbacks are:

- You may encounter some bugs and glitches while playing Tekken 3 APK. The game may crash or freeze at some points, or some features may not work properly.

- You may face some compatibility issues while playing Tekken 3 APK. The game may not run smoothly or at all on some devices, especially older or low-end ones.

- You may risk your device's security and privacy while playing Tekken 3 APK. The game may contain malware or viruses that can harm your device or steal your data.

The safety and legality of Tekken 3 APK

Tekken 3 APK is not a safe or legal way to play Tekken 3 on your Android device. It is an unauthorized and unofficial version of the game that violates the intellectual property rights of Namco. It is also a potential source of malware or viruses that can damage your device or compromise your data.

If you want to play Tekken 3 on your Android device, you should avoid downloading and installing Tekken 3 APK from any website or source. You should only download and install games from trusted and verified platforms, such as Google Play Store or Amazon Appstore. You should also use antivirus software and VPN services to protect your device and data from online threats.

How to Download and Install Tekken 3 APK?

The steps to download Tekken 3 APK from a reliable source

If you still want to try Tekken 3 APK at your own risk, you should follow these steps to download it from a reliable source:

- Go to a reputable website that offers Tekken 3 APK for download, such as [APKPure] or [APKMirror]. Make sure that the website has positive reviews and ratings from other users.

- Find the latest version of Tekken 3 APK on the website and click on the download button. You may have to wait for a few seconds or minutes for the download to start.

- Once the download is complete, locate the file on your device's storage and tap on it to open it. You may see a warning message that says the file is from an unknown source and may harm your device. If you trust the source, you can ignore the warning and proceed to the next step.

- Follow the instructions on the screen to install Tekken 3 APK on your device. You may have to grant some permissions and accept some terms and conditions before the installation is complete.

- Once the installation is done, you can find the Tekken 3 APK icon on your device's home screen or app drawer. You can tap on it to launch the game and start playing.

The steps to install Tekken 3 APK on your Android device

If you already have the Tekken 3 APK file on your device, you c


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