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Sam Smith - Money On My Mind

Shot in Las Vegas, the 'Hangover' style film captures a typical night on the town in Sin City, with little white chapel weddings, parties and those hitting the roulette tables with money on their mind.

Sam Smith - Money On My Mind


This song is actually the opposite from the song title. He's saying that money isn't the main thing on his mind and that he does what he does for the love of doing it. He sings because he loves to not because he's being paid to do it.

But mind-bendingly, that's not all. Sam's already picked up a 2014 BRIT Award for Critic's Choice, and the ceremony hasn't even aired yet. Don't worry, fans of suspense; boyfriend's still got that Single Of The Year nomination for his featured vocals on Naughty Boy's "La La La" up in the air, so you'll have plenty to stress over come Feb. 19.

Accompanied by a live band, Smith performed the upbeat single "Money On My Mind" from his upcoming album In The Lonely Hour. The singer's velvety vocals are perfectly contrasted over the quick, drum-laiden beat. Check out the performance above. Pre-order Smith's debut album on his official website, samsmithworld. 041b061a72


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