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Mutant Mudds Super Challenge Download !FREE!]

I'm a little put off by the super challenging difficulty thing, but I may pick it up in the future (after Ninty have implemented the Nintendo Account rewards thing).I swear half my 3DS downloads are platformers...

Mutant Mudds Super Challenge Download]

2. MUTANT MUDDS SUPER CHALLENGEHere comes a challenge! Mutant Mudds Super Challenge!! Over 40 levels filled with malicious mutant mudds. This adventure is designed for super players; featuring a host of new platforming challenges and unique boss fights that will test your skills.

Max receives special intel, revealing the location of the original meteor impact site and the fact that mutant mudds are still being spawned from it! Max sets out from a secret hideout in the jungle to locate the meteor and destroy it for good!

Mutant Mudds Super Challenge – Renegade Kid’s beloved dimension-defying platformer is back with a new game – Mutant Mudds Super Challenge – featuring a host of exciting, fresh platforming challenges and boss fights. The game supports cross-buy for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, and offers a 15 percent Loyalty Discount for the first 30 days if you purchased the original Mutant Mudds game or downloaded the Nindies@Home Preview demo of Mutant Mudds Super Challenge.

Aqui tens um desafio: Mutant Mudds Super Challenge! Mais de 40 níveis repletos de maléficas lamas mutantes. Esta aventura foi concebida para superjogadores e conta com uma série de novos desafios de plataformas e combates com bosses que irão colocar à prova as tuas capacidades.


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