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Skytest Preparation Software For Atco Screenings 2.1golkes

Skytest Preparation Software for ATCO Screenings 2.1golkes

If you are aspiring to become an air traffic controller (ATCO) in Europe or other regions, you will need to pass various aptitude tests and assessments to prove your suitability for the job. One of the most widely used testing systems is the First European Air Traffic Controller Selection Test (FEAST), which is a registered trademark of EUROCONTROL. FEAST consists of two stages: FEAST I and FEAST II, each with different types of tests and tasks that measure your cognitive abilities, spatial orientation, memory, attention, planning, and multitasking skills.


However, FEAST is not the only testing system that you may encounter in your ATCO screening process. Depending on the country or the air navigation service provider (ANSP) that you are applying to, you may also face other tests such as AON/cut-e, Airways New Zealand, VATM Vietnam, or FAA ATSA. Each of these tests has its own format, content, and difficulty level, and requires specific preparation and practice to achieve a good score.

Fortunately, there is a software that can help you prepare for all these tests and more: Skytest Preparation Software for ATCO Screenings 2.1golkes. This software is designed to provide dedicated training for the aligned testing standards set by FEAST I and FEAST II frameworks, as well as other ATCO screening tests from various regions and ANSPs. The software provides 46 training modules that cover all the aspects of the tests, such as big numbers comprehension, coordinate system, cube folding, divided attention, heading conflicts, learning and applying rules, matching figure, memorize instruments, memorize pictograms, multi attention, planning ability, spot the side, vigilance, dynamic radar, multi control, radar control, strip display management, air traffic collision scenarios, differences value assignments and relations, visual relationships, math word problems, mental arithmetic, number series, numerical estimation, physics (electricity, magnetism, mechanics, optics, thermodynamics, waves), technical comprehension (electricity, general knowledge, mechanics, optics, reasoning, thermodynamics), and scope of software.

The software has several features that support your training experience and outcome. For example:

  • The software is bilingual (English and German) you can switch between the languages any time.

  • The software provides comprehensive test explanations and interactive First Steps demos to get a quick feeling for the test.

  • The software offers several default difficulty levels for each training module.

  • The software generates random tasks to avoid repeating tasks.

  • The software allows extensive custom settings options for each training module.

  • The software provides comprehensive performance analysis after each training session.

  • The software gives feedback on individual aspects of tests.

  • The software shows performance graphs to illustrate performance developments in tasks.

  • The software has a stat tool with graphs to illustrate long-term performance development.

  • The software has an average performance graph to benchmark your performance against others.

  • The software allows you to save test results, settings and performance graphs for each test session to compare them later.

  • The software has a Skytest Training Assistant that guides you through the training modules to support an efficient time resourcing and maximize training outcome.

With Skytest Preparation Software for ATCO Screenings 2.1golkes, you can practice and improve your skills for any ATCO screening test that you may face in your career path. The software is available on Windows, Mac OS and iPad platforms. You can purchase it online from [Skytest website] for EUR 89.90 (one-time payment, no subscription, no expiry). You can also download a free demo version from the same website to try it out before buying it.

If you want to become an ATCO in Europe or other regions, you need to prepare well for the aptitude tests and assessments that await you. Skytest Preparation Software for ATCO Screenings 2.1golkes can help you achieve your goal by providing you with dedicated training for all the testing standards that you may encounter. Don't miss this opportunity to boost your chances of success and get your copy of Skytest Preparation Software for ATCO Screenings 2.1golkes today!


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