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Manuel Albaladejo Derecho Civil Iii Pdf 11

Manuel Albaladejo Derecho Civil Iii Pdf 11

Manuel Albaladejo was a Spanish jurist and professor of civil law who wrote several books and articles on various aspects of private law. One of his most influential works is Derecho civil, a comprehensive treatise on civil law that covers topics such as persons, family, obligations, contracts, property, succession, and torts. The third volume of this work, published in 1980, deals with the law of obligations and contracts.

The third volume of Derecho civil is divided into four parts: general theory of obligations, sources of obligations, extinction of obligations, and contracts. The general theory of obligations examines the concept, elements, classification, effects, and modification of obligations. The sources of obligations are the legal acts or facts that give rise to them, such as law, contract, quasi-contract, tort, and unjust enrichment. The extinction of obligations refers to the ways in which they are terminated or discharged, such as performance, novation, compensation, remission, confusion, loss of the object, impossibility, prescription, and condition or term. The contracts are the most important source of obligations and are analyzed in terms of their definition, classification, formation, validity, interpretation, effects, and breach.


The third volume of Derecho civil is a valuable resource for students and scholars of civil law who want to learn about the Spanish legal system and its doctrinal developments. The book is written in a clear and rigorous style that combines theoretical analysis with practical examples and references to legislation and jurisprudence. The book is available in PDF format for download from various online platforms .

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