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Kirill Ustinov
Kirill Ustinov

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Paramount Plus 2023.svb

The need for privacy and cybersecurity compliance measures has become a paramount consideration as businesses become more digitally driven. This global privacy report takes an in depth look at privacy and cybersecurity updates around the globe.

SVB benefit programs are designed to meet our employees where they are in life. SVBers may enroll in core benefits programs, plus take advantage of customized perks and offerings, including those designed to support families, however defined. More information regarding our benefits offerings can be found here.

As everyone has seen over the past year, interest rates have increased at unprecedented levels. If SVB was able to hold the bonds they purchased until maturity, the bonds would likely have matured, and all principal would have been returned, plus whatever interest was earned along the way. However, when SVB made the decision to sell some of these bonds to generate more liquidity, the bonds had to be sold at a substantial loss. After all, no one would pay full price for a bond paying 2% when that same bond now yields closer to 5%.

There is an endless supply of examples that prove that, in the short run, no one knows anything. But focusing on risk management and downside protection, be it from diversification or simply being mindful of FDIC limits, is always paramount. Also, note that programs exist whereby FDIC insurance can be provided for amounts substantially greater than $250,000. Alternatively, certain government-backed securities may be used to effectively accomplish the same for larger balances.

The Chief Controls Office, the first line of defense function that supports the business in the three lines of defense corporate governance model that SVB follows, is looking to hire a Business Risk Director to support the Commercial Products organization with specific focus on Product Sales. The successful incumbent will serve as a trusted partner and advisor and will be responsible for consistently support the implementation of first line of defense non-financial risk management programs/practices within the Commercial Products organization. Ideal candidates will drive awareness and risk perspective, promoting accountability and risk culture throughout the company and providing subject matter expertise. Being able to "connect the dots" between related teams and workflows will be paramount to success in this role.

Experience developing presentations and presenting to senior management, with solid expertise with MS Office, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Visio. Expertise with Tableau and experience with GRC tools are a plus 041b061a72


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