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X360ce Vibmod How to Enable Vibration Feedback for Your Controller on PC

The x360ce (Xbox 360 Controller Emulator) may not need any introduction to many in the gaming community. But we feel it should deserve a noteworthy review and basics as to the hows and why that this software exists. The reason why this software is handy and at times almost essential to play certain games is due to the way they are programmed.

X360ce Vibmod

The first thing that it will say is that it cannot find any of the xinput DLL files. This is normal. Let x360ce create DLL files off of your windows folder. It is going to modify them and store it in the directory that you launched the executable out of.

We want to cover all of our bases if a game asks for both older version DLL files as well as the newer version. So click on Game Settings and click the box for v9.1 and v1.1 to v1.4. Then click Apply/Synchronize Settings for x360ce to make all of the DLLs in the folder.

In the case of Spelunky, x360ce has allowed us to take a generic control and emulate that of an official Microsoft Controller. Your results are going to very from game to game. Some games like Jamestown are older and are perfectly fine with xinput 1.0. No requirement for x360ce in that case.

Other games like Gang-Beasts support legacy joystick but the dead-zoning is non-existent leaving the character fly all over the map and using x360ce only makes it worse by having two players pressed instead of one. This all comes down to how friendly the developer is towards controller support.

The x360ce is a program that's just a must for all gamepad owners other than the standard Xbox 360 gamepad. The fact is that most PC versions of modern games can only work with the "box" controller and refuse to "digest" devices, even from such popular manufacturers as Logitech, Speedlink, Thrustmaster and others. So, the presented utility is intended specially for "disguise" similar gamepads under Xbox 360 Controller. It is not difficult to work with it at all, despite the rather "cumbersome" interface with many tabs. All you need to do is copy the x360ce file to the folder with the game's executive file and run it waiting for the drivers to be selected. In the main window you can check the correctness of all gamepad controls and, if necessary, reassign them. It is also possible to download ready-made configurations from the network. Okay, now we can launch the game. If you have heard the typical sound used in Windows to signal alerts at startup, then the emulation was successful and you can start the game.

If the game does not signal a gamepad connection for some reason, it is either not supported or some additional settings are required. In this case, all you have to do is use Google to find the configuration you need. Such situations occur very rarely in x360ce that distinguishes this emulator from other similar software solutions.


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