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What is FlexiSign and Why You Need It for Your Signage Business in Australia

If you are in the signage business in Australia, you might have heard of FlexiSign. FlexiSign is a software product developed by SAi, a leading provider of sign design and print software. FlexiSign is designed to help you create, print, and cut signs of all kinds, from banners and decals to logos and wayfinding signage.

flexisign australia


In this article, we will explain what FlexiSign is, what it can do for your signage business, and how you can get it in Australia. We will also show you some examples of FlexiSign products that are used in various public spaces across the country.

What is FlexiSign?

FlexiSign is a software solution that combines design, print, and cut features in one package. It allows you to create signs using vector graphics, text, images, and effects. You can also edit and manipulate your designs using tools such as shape builder, find my font, and artwork approval.

FlexiSign also enables you to print your signs using a wide range of printers and cutters. You can control the print quality, resolution, color management, and media settings. You can also use the print-and-cut feature to cut out your designs from vinyl or other materials.

FlexiSign is available as a subscription plan that gives you access to all the features and updates. You can also choose from different versions of FlexiSign depending on your needs. For example, Flexi Design is ideal for design-only stations, while Flexi Complete is suitable for full production stations.

What are the benefits of FlexiSign for your signage business?

FlexiSign can help you improve your signage business in many ways. Here are some of the benefits of using FlexiSign:

  • It saves you time and money by offering an all-in-one solution for design, print, and cut.

  • It increases your productivity and efficiency by allowing you to drive up to five printers and cutters simultaneously.

  • It enhances your creativity and quality by providing you with advanced design tools and features.

  • It supports your customer satisfaction and loyalty by enabling you to deliver fast and accurate results.

  • It keeps you updated and competitive by offering you free support and access to the latest version.

How can you get FlexiSign in Australia?

If you want to get FlexiSign in Australia, you can visit the official website of SAi at There you can find more information about the product features, pricing, and subscription plans. You can also request a free trial or contact a sales representative for more details.

You can also find some local distributors of FlexiSign in Australia who can help you with installation, training, and support. Some of the distributors are:

What are some examples of FlexiSign products in Australia?

FlexiSign products are used by many signage businesses and customers in Australia. Here are some examples of how FlexiSign products are applied in various public spaces:

  • Civiq FlexiSign Wall-mounted A2 Sign: This is a modular signage system that can be mounted on walls to display information or graphics. It can be fitted with permanent graphics or an interchangeable poster display case. It is made of structural marine-grade aluminium and stainless steel for durability and resistance. It is ideal for outdoor campuses and precincts, parks and waterfronts, schools, universities, sports and camping grounds, bushwalking sites, as well as indoor settings.

Civiq FlexiSign 440 mm Totem: This is another modular signage system that can be configured as a freestanding totem or pylon sign. It 06063cd7f5


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