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Waylon Wilson
Waylon Wilson

Instant Fisherman Manuall

For most, learning to fly fish is a long-term process where you acquire new gear, try it out, and settle into the systems that work for your favorite streams, rivers, and lakes. For instance, for fishing close to a campground, a fly fisherman might go light with just a lanyard of core accessories and a fly box. But for an all-day outing on favorite river far from the road, waders with a backpack designed for fly fishing might be the smartest way to chase the fish of a lifetime.

Instant Fisherman Manuall

There are not many types of flies that you can safely buy for most any trout-focused fly fisherman, but one of the safest is a set of hopper patterns. Most every fly fisherman uses hoppers for summer fly fishing at some point during the year. Not only do they bring big trout up from the bottom, they are particularly effective when used with smaller dropper flies tied to the end of the hook. Because hoppers are versatile and get used, they make great fly fishing gifts.

In times past, SE appeared to nerfed Lu Shang's skill-up rate on lower-level fish to discourage power-leveling. This no longer is the case. If you have Lu Shang's Rod, use it lvl 1-110. I still include the 'lower' rods as some fisherman can't afford or haven't earned their Lu Shang's Rod.

Fishing from the Ice Pond (if in Qufim) or the sea (if in Batallia Downs) your target will be Black Sole while using Lu Shang's Rod and baiting with a Sinking Minnow. Sell the Black Sole on the AH or make sushi out of it. Black Soles are really SE's gift to the fisherman, they bite consistently and you don't have to hike to an insanely remote location.

Your target will be Cave Cherax while using Lu Shang's Rod and baiting with Meatballs. Note that this giant lobster have a slight chance to break Lu Shang's Rod, but I didn't have any breaks. Cave Cherax have a decent skill-up rate but you will get a log of line snaps. You could try selling them on the AH but most fisherman have Zaldon gut (Inside the Belly) them for a 26% chance to at Dwarf Pugils. Please note that levels 107-110 will be slow going. They will take you 2-4 times longer than typical, don't get frustrated, it's just how it goes. 350c69d7ab


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