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Pretty girls get waxed

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Kirill Ustinov
Kirill Ustinov

Resident Evil: Retribution

in 8th grade i knew this redneck dirtbag kid named logan and when he wasnt ask-jeevesing porno in the school library he kept his nose buried in doom & resident evil novelizations, the only books he ever read. one day on the copier i found a 2 page printout of a story he typed up where barely-disguised versions of him & his mudridin, skoal-dippin hick buddies wield chrome-plated glocks & taekwondo moves to merc 10000 zombies & rescue horny carmen electra lookalikes w/ big titties - me & my friends passed this 2-page story around for years til the end of high school when it literally fell apart from getting read so many times, glad to see hes still getting work

Resident Evil: Retribution



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