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Nepal Police Report Form Fix

After applying for an online application for the police report, they will verify your form and uploaded documents. Once they complete checking, you will see a completed status. Now, you can download it.

nepal police report form

The police clearance report is often required for various purposes, such as getting a job, visa application, passport application, and other legal matters. It is also used as a requirement for some educational institutions and organizations.

To apply for a police report online, you need to register an account in, apply for New Application, provide information and upload documents. Once verified, you can download your Police Clearance Certificate. Visit for more information.

If you have made a mistake while applying for a police clearance report, then there is a chance that the application will be rejected for misinformation. If not, you can apply for New Application from the beginning with the correct information.

The Peoples democratic movement of 1990 reinstated the multi party democratic system. The new constitution of the kingdom was promulgated on 9 November 1991. The Police Reform Commission was constituted in the year 1992 and Modernization of the Police Organisation started to tune with the aspirations of the people and norms of Multi-Party system. The first contingent of police personnel was deployed in UN Mission in 1991. More than 2000 police personnel have already left their feet serving the international community in blue helmet. Nepal Police is the main and principal law enforcement agency of Nepal.[citation needed]

The National Police Academy of Nepal, formerly known as the Sadar Prahari Talim Kendra, is an academic wing of Nepal Police. It is solely responsible for conducting basic and advanced training programmed for the police officers in Nepal. AIGP Rajendra Singh Bhandari is the executive director of this academy. The NPA is the apex body of all Nepal Police Training Institutions in the country. Its goal is to develop quality human resources for Nepal Police to achieve organizational and individual objectives with a strong commitment of service and responsibility to the people. The academy is set to be the 'Center for Excellence' and is committed to expand its resource base through tie-ups with similar institutions in and outside the country. The main objectives of NPA are:

The character verification certificate (or the police clearance report) is required by anyone choosing to go overseas for work or studies, and also anyone whose employer requests for it in Nepal. It states that the person (applying for it) has no criminal records, along with his/her personal details, such as his passport number, residence, date of birth, etc.

A police report or a police character certificate is a certificate issued by a government body or police to state whether the concerned person is not involved in any criminal activities. A Police Report is a compulsory document if you are traveling to foreign countries or looking for foreign employment. These days Nepalese companies (government or private) also demands police report for job vacancies these days. The certificate states whether the individual has any criminal record or not. Therefore, this document serves the purpose of a background check on the individual.

Once the verification of the police report form is completed, the status of the application will be displayed as Completed. Together with the link to download the certificate. Just by clicking on the link, the police report can be downloaded.

Nepalese living overseas now can get Nepalese Police Report from Nepal Police in there business days. Nepal Police has introduced a new police clearance registration system online to help Nepalese living overseas to get Nepali Police Report easily. With this new system, you do not need to have your relatives in Kathmandu to help out for the Nepalese Police Report that you need to submit along with your permanent residency, citizenship, or other study and work visa while living in a foreign country. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle []).push();Before applicants need to have your relatives in Kathmandu to get a physical copy of the Nepalese Police Report and courier to their address overseas, later Nepal Police introduced an email-based system, on that applicants need to send an email with the application and required documents. Once they received the email and application form, they used to inform about the process and send back the digital Character Verification Certificate. The problem with the email-based service was reliability because of the size limit for the entire email and attachment applicant submitted. If the applicant made a small error or negligence on the email size, their application email for Nepal Police would be undelivered even sender never know whether their email received by the Nepal Police team or not. Now, the new online police clearance system seems more reliable as it keeps the applicant account and updates the process as it goes.

Welcome to the Santa Ana Police Department Citizens Online Police Reporting System. If this is an emergency, please call 911. The citizen police report system allows you to submit a report immediately and print a copy of the report for free. Please confirm the following information to find out if online citizen police report filing is right for you:

If you have additional questions about using the system, please call (714) 245-8665. You may also file a supplemental report online to report additional property losses or to add information about property previously reported lost or stolen.

For example, Priyanka Yadav was 16 when she reportedly died by suicide in police custody in Siraha District in October 2017 after being accused of murdering her younger brother. The police held a press meet before she died, in which they paraded Yadav and her co-accused in front of reporters and photographers, claiming that the duo had killed the boy after he became aware of their alleged sexual relationship. A report by THRD Alliance argued that the police had no authority to make public the identity of a minor, or to present minors as criminals before a final verdict had been presented by the court, suggesting this may have been a contributing factor in her suicide.

A 2017 NHRC report noted that greater CCTV usage in detention areas could lead to greater police accountability. CCTV cameras are proliferating rapidly across public places in Nepal, purportedly to help solve crimes, and the police are also beginning to install them in detention centres, though many are still lacking.

Throughout the world, police forces often maintain a culture of protecting their own, even when they are accused of grave injustices. This is evident in Nepal and South Asia as much as it is in the United States, where police officers have been rallying to prevent reforms that could prevent abuse amid the Black Lives Matter movement.

Nepal Police character certificate for the purpose of providing different sight to that request on the basis of domestic and foreign citizens caritrika certificates provide the following procedure works. Character certificate required for application to police headquarters in the form of sub-way branch or Ranipokhari and Maharajganj or the links below to download and can be obtained. Get this application form the applicant can fill in yourself.

Foreign national, who wishes to obtain police report, may apply for the request at the Police Headquarters, Character Verification Section, Naxal, Kathmandu, Nepal. For Refugees, they are required to present themselves with their identity document and other documents under-listed.

The request application is available at the Nepal Police Headquarters, Character Verification Section, Naxal and Nepal Police official website All details provided will be treated as confidential.

Character Verification Report (for Foreigners)Foreign national, who wishes to obtain police report, may apply for the request at the Police Headquarters, Character Verification Section, Naxal, Kathmandu, Nepal. For those who are staying in Nepal, they are required to present themselves with the documents under-listed. For those who are out of Nepal, they are required to submit the documents under-listed by their representative or concern organization with their identity and letter of attorney.

If you are required to provide an Australian police clearance certificate because you have spent more than 12 months in Australia within the last 10 years, you must complete the Australian Federal Police (AFP) National Police Check application form which is available from the AFP website:

In all forms of heinous crimes, including rapes, sexual assault, human trafficking or murder, the number of child victims is disproportionately high in Nepal. The figures of rape are particularly staggering. Of the 1,480 rapes reported to police in the past year (30% up from the previous year) 64% of victims were below 18.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) investigates more than 400 violations of criminal law, ranging from child exploitation to transnational gangs. Use this form to report suspected criminal activity.

Be as specific and as detailed as possible. You are encouraged to provide any additional identifying details such as places of birth, countries of citizenship, and any numeric identifiers in the below narrative text box. The detailed information you provide will assist investigators as they look into reported violations. 041b061a72


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